Dr. Ing. Aswin Ramachandran

Tech. Art. Entrepreneur.

Transcending experience through tech.

Robotics, IoT, Space.

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2021-2022 // THEO UG

Designed and developed a new experience for autonomous last-mile delivery at THEO
Deutsche Welle (DW) Interview | Tagespiegel Article

2018-2021 // MIT Media Lab

Developed and deployed self-assembling space architectures on the International Space Station.
TESSERAE Concept video | Publication

Decentralized Brains: a large scale systems communication protocol for self-assembly & self-organisation.
Github repo | Publication

J.A.M.I.E. flywheel based multi-utility reconfigurable robot for space exploration.
Concept video

2015-2022 // Fraunhofer IML

Large Scale, Ultra-low-power Wireless Sensor Networks
BWS Label | Event Camera

Large Scale, Ultra-low-power Wireless Sensor Networks test bed
www.PhyNetLab.com | PhyNetLab Publication | PhyNode Publication

2018-2022 // Fraunhofer IML

DezCom: A Decentralized Context Broker Using Byzantine Fault Tolerant Consensus for ROS-based robotics fleets


I produce music and rarely publish them, listen here.

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